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A Corporate Online Reputation Blind Spot

4 January, 2013

More than 10% of executives said they would not engage to defend their online reputation & 33% stated their CEO doesn't care about online reputation

maxOz's insight:

Zeno Group's 2012 Digital Readiness Survey revealed a striking truth: Businesses are burned out on social media and a substantial number of executives fail to consider their social media online reputation, an area of valuable customer views and insights, when making business decisions. In fact, more than one-third of executives surveyed stated that the CEO of their company does not care or cares little about the company’s online reputation in social media.

Generally, the survey found that smaller businesses (those with fewer than 10,000 employees) and business-to-business (B2B) companies were less likely to engage with their customers via social media.

Here’s what Zeno found:

  • B2B companies lag their B2C counterparts – their CEOs are less likely to consider social media in decision-making, they are slower to engage in a crisis, and they are twice as likely to refuse to engage online audiences at all.
  • The bigger the company, the more likely that the CEO will consider social media in their decision-making. In fact, 43% of smaller firms said their executives rarely or never consider social media reputation.
  • Smaller does not necessarily mean more nimble in social media. A fast response to an online crisis is more likely in larger companies

There is still much opportunity to introduce the concept of social media reputation into the C-suite. Too many organizations missing opportunities, either to advance their reputations or defend them.

By engaging non-customer stakeholders that are active online - such as industry analysts, investors and academics, among others – business can turn these groups into not only advocates and amplifiers during good times, but also trusted voices who can bring credibility to a company’s response in a time of crisis.

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The Simple Science of Facebook Engagement

12 November, 2012

Even though Facebook is a social platform populated with seemingly random posts, there is a tested method to getting your fans to engage with your brand & content...

Here AMEX Open Forum distils the methodology of getting people to visit your Facebook page, keep them reading as well as having them return.

Summarizing the Infographic:

Post Short Updates - less than 80 characters get 23% higher engagement rates

Post Images - Photos get a 39% higher rate of engagement than all types of content averaged

Use Emoticons - Using emoticons increase shares and likes by 33%

Try Caption Contests - Asking fans to write captions to interesting photos increases comments by 550%

Respond Quickly - 25% of Facebook and Twitter users expect a response to inquires and complaints within 60 minutes

Run a Photo Contest - Encourage fans to post photos for a chance to win something

NB. Third-party apps need to be used for photo and video contests

In order to use this effectively for Community Engagement or Brand Marketing you need to:

#Develop clear objectives

#Understand the people you are targeting and

#Create a smart integration strategy


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Time To Embrace The Digital Future Australia

2 November, 2012

How do retailers develop and execute on the right digital and off-line cross channel strategy to maximise consumer engagement?

In today’s multichannel world, the boundaries between virtual and physical stores are blurred and competition from international retailers is growing. The local retail landscape has irrevocably changed - from “bricks and mortar” to “bricks and clicks” to purely “e-tail” – the evolution of retail is ongoing and carries significant ramifications for those who choose not to keep up with the pace of change.

The Experian Marketing Services Infographic looks at the changes to the local retail landscape and the ongoing evolution of the industry into the digital space, highlighting the research and statistics found in the Australian Retail and Digital Future 2012 Report.

Experian Marketing Services commissioned research amongst 300 Australian retailers from B2B and B2C organisations to gain a more complete picture of the Australian e-commerce environment.

This report examines the retailers’ responses, and draws upon the Experian Marketing Services experience and expertise in the online retail environment to provide commentary on the current state of online retail in Australia. It offers a way forward for those retailers seeking to overcome perceived barriers and develop a sound e-commerce strategy that will carry their business into the future.

Australian Retail and Digital Future 2012 Report.


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